Time to Ponder

Finding something in this world that unites every human being is rare. Nevertheless, this is where our story begins. After future studies and reviewing all of the data, one day, we may know when the deadly virus COVID-19 entered into our atmosphere and where it originated. In the meantime, speculation, confusion, and raw fear drive many to look for someone to blame. Leaders and scientific experts from every country will be looking for answers in the aftermath. For now, let us look at the more apparent consequences brought on by the virus that invite our hearts and minds to pause and observe.

The impact of COVID-19 reveals more than how the virus affects people physically. Like a “black light” that exposes elements otherwise unseen, the virus has exposed both the “good” and not so good character traits within the human race. Countless and selfless care-workers have stepped into “ground zero,” putting their lives on the line to save others. To refer to our fight against the virus as “being in a war against an invisible enemy” is not hyperbole; thousands of people are dying, while thousands of others are risking their lives in the rescue effort. Most of us have merely been asked to stay at home and “social distance” as a way of slowing down the virus. To quote a wise friend who spent most of his life in the military serving his country and is now retired, he said, “In wartime, my country asked me to fight the enemy on the battlefield. Today, my country asks me to fight the enemy by staying at home, and that is what I will do.” Inherently, making sacrifices means voluntarily giving up something for the better good.

By the time this writing reaches your hands, it will be the month of May; springtime will be in full force as in other years. However, without a miracle, the streets of Richmond, like in every other city in America, will look very different because of the economic fallout. I believe that this is when we will witness the “miracle!” Because we live in a country where we are free to think and to use our creativity, new ideas and businesses will rise. Because we live in a country where sharing with others is a privilege and not a mandate, generosity will flow in abundance.

Our young generation will have a story to tell their children one day. What will be their story? Will they remember the political bickering back and forth, or will they remember how their nation, city, and family worked together to restore this great country we all love? Will they remember how neighbors helped neighbors? Will they remember how entertainment giants like Elton John led an “at home” singalong resembling a simple family gathering? I pray for their sake and ours that we will search deep into our souls for the answers, and at the other side of COVID-19, we will proudly rise again, as The United States of America!