We Need Your Help!

Alzheimer’s or any dementia is a threat! You may have heard the statistics and thought “how does this affect me?” Maybe you haven’t listened to the messages reporting on this disease and know nothing. I invite you to watch the trailer on the movie, Turning Point, which I have posted here. After you have watched it, I ask you to do some math that will leave a sobering thought in your mind. Today, more than 5.5 million people in the U.S. alone are living with Alzheimer’s disease. If dementia, which is just the “umbrella” diagnosis for Alzheimer’s and other related dementia’s, is not controlled, managed or found to have a cure; if we stay on the current course in research, by the year 2050 more than 50 million people around the world will have Alzheimer’s disease. Now, I ask you to do the math: if you can read this post, YOU are at serious risk to develop Alzheimer’s like 1 in 5 people will be affected anyone born today and lives to be thirty years old is at risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Even if playing brain health “roulette” is your choice, YOU will be affected by Alzheimer’s as the widespread pain will be felt by everyone since the care of individuals will cause health care costs to rise to astronomical amounts. I make no apology for being a spokesperson for Alzheimer’s research since my husband Richard passed away in 2014. Since that time, I have been intimately involved in science both financially and by giving my energy to fight this horrible disease. My children and grandchildren are at risk, not because of Richard. He did not have a genetic component that is passed down to other generations. But, their risk and yours and your loved ones are the same. Perhaps you do carry a gene that makes you and your loved ones at a higher risk. Most people do not want to know because of a good reason: THERE IS NO CURE OR EFFECTIVE TREATMENT to date! PLEASE do your homework! Burying “your head in the sand” will not prevent the disease. Even I, a non-scientist know this to be a fact. TOGETHER, we have a higher chance of bringing this disease to its’ knees and alleviating it from being a threat to ourselves, our children and all future generations. FIGHT WITH ME!! Please consider donating to research, TODAY. MAKE CERTAIN, however, that any dollars you give are going to research and not to a bureaucracy with high administrative costs! I PROMISE that every dollar given to research counts so please don’t think any amount is too small! Of course, I will invite you to donate to the two organizations, The Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation, or Cure Alzheimer’s Fund with which I am involved and both give 100% of every dollar to research. Any overhead is covered. But, again, go on Charity Navigator, an “unbiased” organization that freely and without advertisements rates non-profits. Please do not wait until you become a statistic to join in this fight. Your help is needed if we intend to win! Please take a moment to watch the trailer for the new movie about Alzheimer’s “Turning Point”. I’m thrilled to see more attention being brought to the wonderful research that’s being done!