Thirty-six years ago, a friend in Richmond where my family and I had moved only a couple of months before, invited me to attend a Bible study. Even though I attended church regularly growing up, I never studied the Bible; the times I opened my King James Version to read, the old English style wording made little sense to me. I decided I wasn’t smart enough to understand what it had to say and needed someone to interpret for me. My friend was a tennis buddy and very sweet, so I decided to give it a try.

We were to meet once a week for five weeks and met in someones home. Again, it seemed strange to me the idea of doing a Bible study without a preacher to help translate. When we were ready to begin, the small group of women was each handed a Good News Version of Scripture, along with a booklet highlighting the Book of Romans from the New Testament. From the moment I opened the “new” material, the words leaped from the pages and landed straight into my heart.

Since this day so long ago, God’s Word has come alive and been my “road map” in navigating the way through this world; without it, I would be lost. The Bible I use every day, I purchased in September 1988. Besides Scripture, I have also written personal notes throughout the pages. One day, I have designated when I am not longer on this earth, my family will take turns, if they choose, keeping it for a year to read through the pages.

With your permission, and the help of technology, along with Gods Word, I would like to share some of my notes with you, my kind reader. My prayer is that you will see the powerful impact the Scriptures can have. Friend, I love Jesus and love you even though we may never meet in person on this side of heaven. You are a child of God, and he loves you beyond your wildest imagination!

Personal entry, September 1988: “We find Gods Word to be truth, not by academic study but by a loving relationship with the Living God, ‘Author and Perfecter of our faith.’ He longs to make himself real to any who would but seek him.”