“If the earth will one day cease to exist, then why did God put us here in the first place?”

As my friend spoke these words, I couldn’t help noticing the grave concern reflected in her facial expression.  We were discussing the fact that it is impossible for the footprint of mankind, God’s creation, to exist without having an affect.  It is true, we can help the environment with thoughtful living practices, but ultimately, according to The Creator Himself, “Heaven and earth will pass away….”  Matthew 24:35, NIV.  So, what of my friend’s question?

From the opening words of Genesis and throughout the remainder of The Bible, the reason for human existence is evident. God created mankind because He longed to have a relationship with us.  If this answer appears too simple, then, consider this; God has no beginning and no end.  He needs nothing to exist.  And, yet, He chose humankind with whom to fellowship.  God holds all power in His hands, but He invites, not demands us into a relationship.

When God breathed life into man, His breath caused a vacuum to form that only He can fill.  So often we mistakenly try to stuff into that void material things or even people we believe will bring us lasting pleasure but, of course, they don’t; they can’t.  Like putting a puzzle together, pieces may look as though they will fit but if it isn’t the exact piece intended for the space, no maneuvering or wishful thinking will make it work.  God wants you and me to allow Him to occupy the void intended for His presence alone.  When we welcome Him, all of the other pieces of our lives will come together in beautiful harmony.

Sherry Sharp