Daisy is my fourteen-year-old Golden Retriever. Recently, she had to have surgery on her paw, thus restricting her freedom to roam her large domain at will, something with which she has grown accustom. Walking her on a leash until the paw has had time to heal is imperative to prevent infection. Throughout the day, I attach the leash to her collar and out the door we go for what has proven to be an exercise in resistance and stubbornness. Clearly, dogs, even smart dogs like Daisy’s breed have limited understanding and learn by repetition. Daisy’s life has been one of freedom but now, for her safety, her world has shrunk, causing her and me frustration.

After living in my house for twenty years, I have decided to move into something smaller and more manageable. I found what I believe to be the “perfect” house and location but the competitive environment within the housing industry has caused a “stampede” of interested buyers. Therefore, I do not know if what I think is the perfect plan will happen. My struggle with disappointment in the looming possibility of not getting what I want is challenging. Do I trust God, who sees the future and may be trying to prevent me from making a decision that is not in my best interest, or will I pull, tug, and manipulate circumstances until I finally have my way?

Friend, you, and I face decisions and choices every day. Will we recognize and accept our circumstances with faith in God’s provision, or will we resist His leading? It is okay and human to feel disappointment but fighting against the will of God leads only to frustration and potential disaster. God’s will may not be to say no, rather, there is a better way, walk in it and trust me.

We may not always understand the why, where, what, when, or how, amid our circumstances; what is life-changing is knowing the Who. Jesus Christ wants to be our Savior. I love knowing He loves me so much, and He loves you, too!