Coronavirus, killer hornets, earthquakes, floods, riots, just to name a few of the latest concerns. Do you wonder lately when you wake up in the mornings if you should just pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep? That is, if you can sleep! So many people I talk to have fears about things that are simply out of our control. I do understand the anxiety level as I live in that same world that seems to have very little good news these days. Keeping our eyes on the truth is not easy, I admit with all of the distractions. With technology, not a minute goes by without the reminder that we live in a time of unrest and uncertainty. So, how do we resolve our dilemma?

The answer is actually very simple to state but a lot harder to do amidst all of the noise around us. God tells us to pray to Him with our concerns and fears, and also to give thanks. Can you think of things for which you are thankful? Will you speak them out loud to God? In spite of the negative messaging that is bombarding me throughout the day and into the night, I promise you that my list of blessings is both long and rich.

I do ask God to bring order to the chaos threatening our peace; to shine His light of truth where the deeds of darkness hide; to give discernment to the wise and those individuals who have chosen to serve in positions of leadership, not just in the United States but in every country around the world. I pray that God will block tyranny with His justice and remove anarchy with His righteousness. I ask all of these things in Jesus Christ, who is all powerful, all knowing, and sovereign above all. Amen.