My husband, Richard and I built our home over seventeen years ago. When we first moved into the house, I thought how wonderful to have places to put everything. The newness of cabinets and closets promised lots of room to store all of the things I considered as precious.

This past spring, I decided to go through some of the boxes that held photographs from all of the years of marriage; over fifty years-worth of photographs and other paraphernalia. Although it was fun in the moment, walking down “memory lane,” it did not take long to realize that the memories belong only to me. My grown children and grandchildren had no idea who many of the people in the photographs were; in fact, some of the photos had belonged to other family members and even I did not know the individuals.

Other items were moth eaten or had simply deteriorated over time. How true are the words of Jesus! Everything on earth, in this dimension, is subject to the elements of time and the environment, just like you and me. The best we can hope for here is that while we are passing through, we make a positive impact before we leave.

Now, before anyone gets depressed, read the Scripture above one more time. Although this earthly existence is definitively harsh and mercifully temporary, in Jesus Christ we have an eternal future that is secure in heaven. Friend, I hope you believe this truth because if you do, your perspective will give you joy for today, and hope for tomorrow, wherever it leads.