When my sister, Dianne, and I were very young, our father on long trips in the car would alert us when we were getting ready to cross over into another state by saying, “Girls, get ready! We’re just about to go over the state line…” followed by “well, did you feel it?” We would giggle, because, of course, there was not really a discernible “line” we could “feel.” Nevertheless, every single time, from state to state, daddy would say, “Girls, get ready!”

Here we are again, crossing over from the year, 2021 into the new year, 2022, so did you feel it? I for one did not feel a thing, as I slept right through it. Usually, I stay up at least long enough to watch the ball as it descends in Times Square but this year, I read my book and turned out the light before midnight. The morning came on time without a hitch and the only thing that has changed is the page on the calendar.

One day, however, because God tells us that He is making all things new, you and I will not miss the fruition of His complete transformation from the old to the “new.” Notice that God says, “I am making…” meaning He is already in the process of “making everything new.” As we make our way through some of the most difficult days on earth, take courage, knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing bypasses God’s awareness or ability to handle. What are your hopes and desires now that we have entered the new year? Cares and concerns? Whatever is on your mind and heart, take them to the One Who can and will make the journey with you. He is ready to hear and remember…He is making all things new!