Today Is Monday

Last Friday, the day Christians acknowledged as “Good Friday,” Jesus was remembered for having been beaten, tortured, crucified on a cross, died and then buried. Resurrection Sunday was yesterday. Christians all around the world for twenty-four hours celebrated the empty tomb, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, after the women encountered the risen Jesus on Sunday morning, they ran to tell the disciples that their dearest friend, Jesus, was not dead but alive; they must have been breathless from running and excited to share the amazing, good news. Banging hard on the upper room door and after identifying themselves, the door was opened only long enough for the women to enter before being slammed shut again. Inside, the men, including Peter who had all betrayed and denied knowing Jesus on Friday were hiding out in fear of being discovered by the officials as followers of Jesus. These once mighty men were now trying to put the pieces together of what happened just a few days ago. Nothing made sense. But when the women told the men about having seen and talked to Jesus, “their words seemed to them like idle tales, and they did not believe them.” But Peter, curious, ran to the tomb and found the burial cloths “lying by themselves” (Luke 24:12).

Where were you on Resurrection Sunday? Maybe, like the disciples, you are not sure if the story of the living Christ is simply an “idle tale.” And even if the story is true, you might think it cannot be true for you for whatever reason. Friend do not let doubt stand in your way. Be like Peter and be curious enough to check out the story for yourself. He loved you enough to endure the cross in your place, and He is alive to prove victory over any reason that might hold you back from accepting His gift.

Today is Monday. The festivities have all ended but the promise is everlasting. Take the first step to eternal life. Do not walk. Run to Jesus! He stands with outstretched nail-scarred hands and feet to receive you.

And Peter walked away from the empty tomb, “marveling to himself at what had happened” (24:12).

For deeper understanding, read Luke 24.


“And their words seemed to them like idle tales, and they did not believe them.” Luke 24:11, NKJV