Speaking Volumes

If you can, imagine nothingness.

When we read that “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made…” to fully grasp this reality is impossible for you and me. Think about it; from absolutely nothing, everything we see, hear, or even imagine is possible only by the voice of God. The reality of this powerful truth leads me to wonder, what is going on in the realm of what we cannot experience through the human senses?

We hear much today about “trusting science.” With all the wonders upon which humankind has embarked, every discovery, invention, and cure are a byproduct of what God has already created.

To try and illustrate my point, the next time you cook or bake something from scratch and retrieve the necessary items for the finished product from the pantry or refrigerator, think of “creating from scratch” as a misnomer. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one noun definition of “scratch” is “from a point at which nothing has been done ahead of time.” Therefore, every underpinning for a Nobel prize, every generation of technology, and every science discovery in the world, including the perplexing AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the result of using the substance of what God already spoke into existence.

By the same Sovereign Authority who commanded the stars to align and the sun and moon to hang in their heavenly places, so does He direct our path. How awesome is this thought!

Lord God, in these days of uncertainty, when I feel so little control over what is happening in the world, help me trust in You, the One who holds all things together “by the breath of His mouth.” Amen.

For deeper thought, read Psalm 33.