Sooner or Later

“Seventy-five trips around the sun,” read the invitation prepared by my precious daughters. What? How did this happen? It feels like only yesterday, my cousins and I were playing hide and seek in our grandparents’ yard!

Time is a peculiar commodity. When looking ahead, such as excitedly anticipating a special event, the clock seems to move painfully slow. Conversely, looking backward on the calendar, the days, months, and even years feel like they have flown by faster than the speed of light. Anyone who has raised children knows what I am talking about.

While from my perspective the 7-plus decades birthday has arrived with seemingly lightning speed, I know the twenty-four-hour clock is the same today as it has been since the beginning of time; only my internal “clock” is subject to the feeling of either drag or swiftness based on my viewpoint. In the Bible passage above, the prophet, Balaam, centuries before the coming of Messiah, spoke about His arrival. God did not give a specific date of when He would come, only that He should be expected. The people of Israel waited with longing and anticipation for the One, who would enter the world and bring redemption. Each generation must have felt saddened and disappointed when time failed to produce their Deliverer.

Today, on “the other side” of the story, Christians reflect on the arrival of the Savior as we celebrate the twelfth day of Advent, with joy and gratitude. Jesus is not restricted by time. In fact, He has always existed since before time began. Join me today in giving thanks to God for loving you and me and wanting to dwell within each heart. Jesus is not our past nor our future hope, alone; He is here today, and simply a breath away!

Emmanuel, God with us!