The time was getting close for my friends to arrive for dinner. As the final touch for dessert, I made a fresh peach crisp that was sure to be a big hit. Wanting it to be still warm when served, I waited until the last minute to put it in the oven. Unfortunately, some of the peach fillings dripped over the side of the pan while it was baking. By the time I realized what happened, smoke had filled the oven, and I thought the crisp, ruined. It still looked delicious, and we decided that with enough ice cream, we might not notice the smoky taste. Whipped cream and ice cream can cover over a multitude of sins from the kitchen!

When reading the verse in 1 Corinthians, I always get a sober giggle. Having a quirky sense of humor, I picture getting to the gates of heaven with empty hands that by now are attempting to smother out the flames rising from the hem of my beautiful white but singed and smoky robe, just in the nick of time!

By now, you may be laughing, but in reality, I sincerely hope for an entirely different scenario. I don’t want to just get to heaven with nothing of value to show for the life given to me here on earth; like going to a birthday party without a gift. Instead, when I meet Jesus face to face, I pray I will have a “smorgasbord of desserts” to share. And, as much as I like ice cream and whipped cream, in heaven, it won’t be necessary because whatever survives the journey will have no imperfections to hide. Now, this picture puts a genuine smile on my face!

Dessert anyone?

Sherry Sharp