Seeking Truth

It was the most emotional night of my life, and every year the memory comes to mind.

For months, I had been struggling in my personal faith walk. After attending several years of Bible study, I had reached a crossroads. Many things about walking in faith had brought me to the place of questioning whether the Bible was true. Then, sitting in church on a Thursday night service before Good Friday, I could hardly sit still for the unrest in my soul. I was struggling with more questions than I had answers. I could no longer accept being a marginal, moderate Christian. “Lukewarm” had become uncomfortable. If even one part of the Bible wasn’t true, then none of it could be.

Lord, if You are real, I need to know!

Near the end of the service, something happened for which I was unprepared. The lights in the sanctuary dimmed. One by one, different people from the congregation walked forward and carried off every item in the church that identified it as being a place of worship: the candelabra’s, the kneeling bench. The last thing carried out was the large Bible from the altar.

People filed out of the sanctuary in complete silence until I was left alone. Then God spoke, Sherry, this is what life would be like without me. Nothingness! Is this what you want? You have to choose.

Never before or since has God spoken so clearly to my heart.

Though this incident occurred more than twenty years ago, there is much I still don’t understand about God. I have more to learn, but from that moment until now I don’t want to live one day without Him. In times of great loss and earthly sadness, it has been reassuring to know He is real, present, and caring.

On that night, the Lord asked if I would choose Jesus. With tears and an overflowing heart, I said, yes! Living without Him is simply no life at all.

Don’t merely seek answers to the mysteries of the universe. Seek the Designer of the universe Himself. He’s waiting on your answer.