Not It!

Over the last few decades, people have been fascinated with information provided by a simple swab of body fluid, that after sending it off to an official site the results can reveal a wealth of personal information. Such information known as DNA is so powerful that many cold crime cases are being solved after years of shrouded mystery. But a twist and turn has happened over time that suggests people are looking for something else—an excuse for bad behavior. Victimhood of family, of environment, and the list goes on.  In other words, people are looking for a “scapegoat” to explain their feelings and actions.

Diverting negative attention is as old as the Garden of Eden when Adam blamed Eve for disobeying God, and Eve blamed the serpent. Today, people seek to understand why am I the way I am? Before becoming a parent, I was certain my surly attitude was justified because my parents were too strict. Breaking “the rules” was necessary for autonomy. Common 21st century excuses come packaged as, oppressor vs. oppressed, rich vs. poor, and nature vs. nurture. While all cries of injustices may have some ranges of validity, the bottom line is not wanting to take responsibility, because that would require personal accountability.

Human behavior has not changed since the beginning of time. We are born damaged and broken people into a world of damaged and broken people. The Book of Leviticus tells the story of the Scapegoat, that served as a substitute for the sins of the people of Israel. After observing the ritual of transferring the sins of the people onto the goat, it would be sent away as a sign of purification. However, this ritual needed repeating, until Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins of the whole world once and for all and became our “Scapegoat” before God.

God, since the beginning of creation, has provided a way of purification for humanity. The cross and blood of Jesus became the eternal Way. No excuses, and no other substitute will do. Only Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). When we acknowledge our sins, He is faithful to bear them, forgive us, and receive us as His Own.

For deeper understanding, read 1 John 2.

“The other goat, the scapegoat chosen by lot to be sent away, will be kept alive, standing before the Lord. When it is sent away to Azazel in the wilderness, the people will be purified and made right with the Lord.” Leviticus 16:10, NLT.