No Expiration Date

One of my new favorite activities is to delve into reading some of the classic literature, like Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno. Other writings I enjoy are poetry and short stories that have managed to survive for centuries. On a recent assignment for one of my English courses at Liberty University, the question was posed, “what makes ‘good literature’ good?” Of course, there are no doubt many answers that might follow this question, like literature is good if I enjoy it. Or maybe good literature has a lasting message. Both answers and others give hints as to what makes good literature, good.

This morning, while watching the pastor teach on the Holy Scriptures, I am reminded, that The Bible is one of the longest gifts of literature to stand the test of time. On September 7, 2010, The Huffington Post in an article naming the top 16 most sold books in the world stated that the Bible was the top seller. Is it still, you might ask? According to a survey in April 2020 by the Guinness World Record “the Bible is the best-selling book of all time, with over five billion copies sold and distributed.” Friend, think about this statistic for a minute. How many books have you read more than once? Okay, maybe you have a few of them, but how many books have you reread time and time again, only to discover something new each time?

Every day, people read the Bible and the wisdom found within the pages transforms their lives. The Bible has been a lifeline in my life for forty years. The Word never gets old or boring! To the contrary, the Word of God is so rich that it is like a treasure chest without a bottom. Some read the Bible because it is “good literature;” others read it because its message is timeless, trustworthy, and true. The next time you are searching for a Good Book, check out the Bible!