Social media has opened a whole new arena for even the most obscure people to have a public platform. Babies, dogs, cats, hamsters, if it moves, no doubt you have seen it on one of your devices. The term used in the social media world for anyone or anything that receives the most attention, “likes,” “hits,” etc., is “influencer.” As the title suggests, onlookers are motivated by whatever activity is being shared and driving the number of views higher for the sake of popularity. One has the potential of becoming known worldwide in a short bit of time. Living in obscurity is almost impossible. With a camera available in the hands of most people today through the technology of cell phones, everyone is but a click away from fame, good or bad.

Self-importance is booming! Why and to what end?

Jesus knew a lot about human nature; after all, He was fully human and fully God. When He spoke the words, that Matthew recorded in chapter 5 in the Bible, the message is clear…you and I are to be “influencers” in the world. “Salt” and “light.” Salt adds flavor and light exposes what is otherwise in darkness. The world, apart from the Spirit of God, has always been a dark place. But unlike worldly influencers who seek self-recognition, followers of Jesus Christ are to reflect the goodness of God by their deeds and actions for the sole purpose of “glorify[ing] your Father in heaven” (v. 16).

Make no mistake, Christian; “For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). Test everything with the Word of God. Jesus is the One True Light of the world. You and I cannot generate Light; we can only reflect the Light of Christ.