The alarm on my cell phone sounded like a piercing, high-pitched fog horn…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!! Over and over the noise filled the room until I picked my phone up and turned it off. But, before silencing the annoying sound, I read the message prompting the alarm: “Flash flood warning in the area where you live.” Fortunately, the land on which my house sits is high above the floodplain; however, I’m thankful to have such warnings in case I need to leave the safety of my home for any reason.

When God gave Joshua the command to lead the Israelites into the Land of Promise, they had to cross over the Jordan River. Scripture tells us that the river at that time of year “ran at flood stage.” After forty years one might ask the question, why did God choose this particular time to finally have this wandering group of nomads cross over the river? Why not have picked a safer time? When rivers are at flood stage the water isn’t only higher, it’s also more turbulent and unpredictable.

God said, go now! With the priests leading the way carrying the ark of the covenant, as soon as their feet “touched the water’s edge,” the water stopped flowing, and a dry path appeared before them. Crossing with probably two million people including women and children at this point, they would have had plenty of time to consider the All-Powerful God Who parted the waters and continued to control their destiny.

Now, what “waters” has God parted for you to continue in His promise for your future? Do you have a history of disobedience or distrust that has held you back on your journey? Sometimes the road ahead looks daunting; we don’t see any way to accomplish our goals. All we see are “rivers running fast and high,” dead ends. Then, we hear God’s gentle and loving voice say, “put your foot into the water. Go now!”

Sweet friend, you will never know what you can do if you don’t trust God when all things point to “the impossible.” Pick your foot up; move forward, because nothing is impossible for God!