Hello God

Almost every morning, my daughter calls me on the phone; generally, we have no agenda, only a desire to hear each other’s voice. For example, today she called and while we spoke for over two hours, I could not tell you what kept us engaged for that length of time. We simply enjoyed visiting.

The Book of Psalms is mostly a compilation of “calls” from King David to God. God referred to David as “a man after My own heart.” (Acts 13:22). So, what was so special about David that God referenced him in such an endearing way? David’s life, while God chose him to lead the people of Israel, was splattered with sin and poor judgement at times. But David always spoke to God, even when, and perhaps especially when his actions were darkest, and the outcome looked bleak. God loved David because David loved God enough to trust Him with everything, good or not so good; they shared a real relationship.

In the year 2024, ask God to show you how to be a person “after [His] own heart.” Using David as our example, let us include God along with the other daily relationships we nurture by talking to Him and then, to hear from Him read His Word. Like all relationships, growth and depth are the results of time spent together through both good and bad circumstances. Talk to God. Tell Him everything and experience a friendship like no other in this world. He loves you, lavishly!

For deeper understanding, read: Psalm 139:1-18.