Funny or Tragic?

My daughter and I piled into the car we scheduled for the day trip while in California. Our driver, a middle-aged woman was friendly and outgoing. She had a bubbly personality, and within the first twenty minutes of our time together, we learned she loves acting and the theater, loves her dog, is from an Italian heritage, and her husband had been killed. As per my usual modes operandi, somewhere along the way of conversation, I shared that I am a Christian, gently “testing the waters” of her faith. Without hesitation or apology, this dear unabashed woman exclaimed, “I don’t believe in God!” While this is not the first time someone has told me they do not believe in God, I am still surprised whenever I hear someone say it. So, I immediately prayed silently, that God would open a door to her heart for His love to enter.

When my daughter exited the car for her scheduled meeting, I remained seated inside with our driver. She had much to say about many things, including politics, gay friends, how many relationships she had experienced before getting married. At one point, as she was telling me a story about something of which she strongly believed, she enthusiastically blurted out, “I swear to God!” I caught her facial expression of surprise at her own comment in the rearview mirror and we both laughed, as she said, “And I don’t even believe in God!”

Oh Lord…I’m sorry I laughed, because the consequence, if true is anything but funny. This precious woman needs You, even though she says she doesn’t believe You exist. Only You know the true condition of her heart. Meet her where she is in the pain of whatever has caused her declaration of unbelief. Open a pathway for her to experience in a tangible way Your mercy and grace before it is too late. Not only this woman, Lord, but for all who have a hard time believing. In Jesus name, Amen.