Eye’s Straight Ahead

This morning, in my email feed a video appeared showing a mama duck with seven babies swimming in a backyard home swimming pool. The storyline was about how the mother duck decided to exit the pool, but when the ducklings tried to follow her, they could not make the leap up and over the edge. Realizing her babies were not behind her, the mama went back into the pool to gather her family. Again, she hopped out with little effort, while her babies struggled over and over to join her with no success.

Then, the video revealed a human coming to the rescue! With a skimming net, the person scooped up the babies and delivered them safely out of the pool.

Wait…What? Those rascally chicks turned right around and jumped back into the pool! You see, the mother duck, to demonstrate what she wanted them to do, had gotten back into the water; therefore, her “kids” followed her, even to their potential peril.

Well, the story has a happy ending because the human rescuer created an escape for this little family by stacking a couple of items on the step, where they could gently climb up and make their way out of the pool. Together, they all waddled to safety.

Like the chicks, you, and I are encouraged throughout the Bible to follow Jesus, no matter what. One verse that stands out, states, “We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete” (Hebrews 12:2, CEV). If the mama duck was in the swimming pool, this is where her babies wanted to be, also. When you and I keep our eyes on Jesus, we may look foolish to the rest of the world as He sometimes leads us through what may appear as an untraditional approach to a challenge. God never leaves us stranded in our circumstances. He will always direct us if we keep our eyes on Him. Where is God asking you to trust and follow Him today?