The faster they go, the happier he is. My husband loves a beautiful Porsche. The problem is he only drives them on special occasions – like when his buddies visit, and he wants to show off the car’s ability to perform. Otherwise, they sit hidden behind garage doors.

I, on the other hand, drive a van. When our children were growing up, my van often appeared trashed from transporting kids. It was a workhorse. Occasionally, my sweet husband had to drive my workhorse. It didn’t matter if the van wasn’t perfect. It was useful and got the job done.

God reminds us that by all appearances, you and I are damaged goods. In addition to our imperfections, we are trashed and dented by the bumps caused by other workhorses or perhaps even “works of art” we may encounter as we travel through life. Regardless of how others may drive, God instructs, through the act of deliberate and obedient excellence, to devote [ourselves] to doing what is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.

Like Richard’s Porsches, you may look like a work of art with a message of high performance written all over your beautiful sleek design. Or, like my van, you may look more like a workhorse, not very showy, but rugged and durable. Whatever your design features, you are called to be excellent in how you endeavor to perform. Polish your “vehicle” till it shines. Put a little oil of grace on those dings and dents and drive with excellence wherever God is leading.

Oh, and by the way, to do this you must leave the garage.