As I waited for the light to change, the car in front of mine had a bumper sticker that read, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” The light turned green, and I went on my way but kept thinking about the message on the sticker. At first glance, one might agree that we should live each day to the fullest, but the suggestion is also that this life is all there is.

Jesus came to the earth from our Father in heaven to bring the Truth about a hope that transcends all planets, time and space. For those of us who have said “goodbye” to loved ones here, knowing that the story is not over when this life ends, brings great encouragement. Some people, sadly, don’t believe the promise of Jesus; for them, “life is not a dress rehearsal!”

When we wake up each morning to begin our day, remember, every minute is a learning opportunity. Because you and I are not perfect people, we make mistakes. In Jesus, we are forgiven when our “performance” is flawed. God sees us not as we are but as He created us to be. So, perhaps, life is a dress rehearsal, preparing us for heaven’s finale.

One of our family favorite trips is going to New York and attending a Broadway show. A couple of years ago, a friend who lives in the city, after the show ended took us behind the stage to meet the cast. What an exciting experience! Well, one day Jesus is coming to get us and carry us “backstage” to meet our Father; now, can you imagine how exciting that will be?

This Thanksgiving Season, let’s be grateful that because of Jesus, “the show must and will go on!”