Elements of Peace

Chaos manages to weave itself into our world daily. I’m sure, anyone reading this writing can agree, even if only on a small scale. Whether through the news proclaiming unrest among nations, or someone close to us protesting something, peace can be hard to find.

Jesus told His followers and all who were willing to listen that He was giving and leaving His peace for us; “not as the world gives.” In my day-to-day life, the peace I often experience comes when my family members are in good health, in a good place emotionally, and in harmony with those around them. But when any one of these things gets out of whack, my worldly peace flies out the door! Nevertheless, even in times when life is less than perfect, God offers me His peace that has nothing to do with my circumstances or the circumstances in the lives of the people I love most.

The sun rises every morning, even if it is raining, because above the clouds, the sun shines brightly. When my eyes open, I know it is God who sustains me, not my circumstances. I know and believe that if I don’t wake up again in this world, I will be looking into the face of Jesus in heaven. Friend, I hope you are saying to yourself right about now, “well, this is a pretty simplistic approach. She just doesn’t know how difficult my life is,” and you would be right. The peace Jesus promises is rooted entirely in His provision, His love, His salvation gift for you and for me, all we must do is want it and receive it; God’s peace is that simple.

I invite you right now, ask God for His peace and rest, knowing He has an abundant supply for you.