Eagerly Waiting

As my teenage grandchildren mature into young adulthood, I have wanted to find a way to stay engaged in a meaningful way. A few years ago, our family began a tradition of taking vacations to new places. Now, eight of us every year try to visit someplace we have never been. We have been on safari in Africa, climbed the mountains in Italy, twice we have chartered the inside passage of Alaska, and this year, we will visit France. These experiences have bonded us in a special way, that time can never steal. One day, when I am no longer with them on this earth, my grandchildren will have memories on which to reflect for the rest of their lives and share with their children.

In the months leading up to our scheduled trip, the excitement and anticipation of going somewhere they have never been, my grandchildren want to talk about what they might experience once we get to our destination. They try to imagine what it will be like. The more they talk about it, the more excited they get. Their enthusiasm warms my heart in knowing that I can provide for them something new and exciting.

As I am well into my seventh decade of life on earth, I find myself growing more and more eager to see and experience heaven. This is not to be confused in any way as a “death wish!” I love my family and friends and every minute God has given me here to enjoy His beautiful creation, including the wonderful trips to new places with the people I love. But my heavenly Father desires that I look to the time that is inevitable for all of us, with anticipation, so when I leave all that is familiar to join Him in the “place He is preparing for me,” it is with joy and not dread.

Like my grandchildren, when I read God’s Word about where I am going that I have never been before, as the time draws nearer, I am getting excited to see the “streets of gold” and especially, to look into the actual face of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. What an absolutely awesome “day” that will be!

For further study, read John 14 and Revelation 21.