The bus was leaving Normandy France where our family had spent the last couple of hours visiting the physical site where “D Day” took place during WWII, when I noticed a memorial stone at the entrance of the hallowed ground. Almost 4500 soldiers died in one day, June 6, 1944; because of their sacrifice, France and her people were liberated from the hands of Nazi Germany who were ultimately responsible for the deaths of six million Jews. One cannot visit Normandy and leave untouched by the tremendous loss of human life.

Just a few yards from the stone memorial stood a life-size depiction of Christ hanging on a cross. As if my emotions were not already heightened, tears began to collect in my eyes and roll down my cheeks. One corner of the entrance represented the physical liberation of people, and one corner represented the spiritual, eternal liberation of God’s entire creation. Nazis had built prisons made of cement and barbed wire, and Satan holds people prisoner through the power of sin and death. Soldiers fought and died to destroy death camps, and Jesus Christ died to destroy once and eternally death itself. Then, remembering the thousands of crosses marking the graves of the brave men who gave their lives for freedom, I could not help but feel the relief in knowing, that Jesus walked out of His grave to bring liberation to all who want it.

A wall at Normandy lists the names of soldiers whose bodies were never found; however, with DNA technology, over time men are being identified from remains found in the surrounding area where the battle took place and are laid to rest in known gravesites. Psalm 139:7 asks the question, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?” Not a single soul is unknown to God! Psalm 139 also states that you and I are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (14). How amazing is this truth?

God, continue to remind me of Your eternal love. Help me never to forget the price You paid so that I might be freed from sin and death. Thank You! Amen. For further and deeper understanding, read Psalm 139:1-24.

For further and deeper understanding, read Psalm 139:1-24.