If you have traveled outside of your country of origin then you no doubt have some foreign currency in your house. When leaving Israel a while back, I purposely exchanged a few American dollars for shekels so I could give them to each of my grandchildren who collect foreign coins. When I entered the United States, I understood that shekels have no value here unless I take them somewhere and have it converted back into dollars.

One day, the Bible tells us, the world as we know it will disappear. Look around you; whatever your eyes see today will be gone. Money of any kind will be useless having no value. As I journey on in life, the things of this world lose their luster. Please don’t misunderstand me. The earth is beautiful in many ways, and life is a gift which I do not take for granted. But, it is essential to be realistic and acknowledge that time, and the tangible for each of us is temporary. Why is it important? Because just like you and me, every “thing” will one day pass away, and then what? I believe Scripture and trust the words of Jesus Who tells us about “a new heaven and a new earth” where the old heaven and old earth, and all things within will be obsolete.

A commercial often seen on television asks the question, “what’s in your wallet?” Take just a moment to look. Do you see gold and silver coins? Perhaps you have paper money based on the gold standard. In the law of supply and demand, an abundance of something lessens the value.

In the book of Revelation, chapter 21, read John’s description of the new Jerusalem. Jasper, precious stones, emeralds, and sapphire make up the building materials. Each of the twelve gates surrounding the city is a single pearl. Finally, John tells us, “The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.” WOW!

So, what’s in your wallet? Or, the more important question, what do you and I value most? Will it transfer over when we leave this world and go home to heaven or will it be like foreign currency, non-transferable and useless?

Sherry Sharp