Are We There Yet?

The job of every child under the age of ten who is traveling on vacation is to ask the question, “Are we there yet?” No training required. The question comes naturally.

When riding with my young grandchildren on long trips, they repeatedly ask, “Are we there yet?” I enjoy teasing them by saying, “Yes, we are there. We just forgot to tell you.” Of course, they groan at my answer, recognizing it is just a silly response to their silly question.

Adults may not ask such obvious questions on road trips, but as children of God traveling through life we do ask “Why does sickness, war, and evil exist?” Expecting near perfect conditions in this world is like children asking if they have arrived yet. Just as it takes time to get from here to there on road trips, it is only reasonable to expect less than perfect conditions on the way to heaven. We are not there yet.

Scripture is clear about our earthly journey. We will endure trials of all kinds, and life will eventually end in physical death. It is part of the human experience. Navigating road trips has been enhanced by GPS systems. If we follow the suggested course, it sends back information that helps us reach our destination with confidence.

As Christians—because of Jesus Christ—we have been given His GPS—God’s Holy Spirit—to help us navigate our way through this world. One day, with patience and perseverance we will reach heaven. God has guaranteed it.

Follow God’s Spirit, and arrive at God’s intended destination for you.