X-Ray Vision

In the 1930s, two young men created the comic book character that has remained alive throughout the decades. With many iterations as of 2023, several movies have resulted from its popularity, and if I were to guess, reader, you have seen at least one version in your life. From the title of this writing, you have probably correctly guessed the character, Superman!

Of course, the Superman figure possessed all the qualities necessary for the title: superpowers, like extraordinary physical strength, taking flight from a standstill reaching warp speed in seconds, and the even more unique achievement, seeing through walls of steel. Superman was a hero figure, conjured up in the imaginations of talented, creative human beings.

When God told the prophet, Samuel, that he was being sent to the family of Jesse to anoint a new king for the people of Israel, Samuel naturally fell prey to his human misconceptions and began looking at Jesse’s older and physically strong in stature sons. Imagine Samuel’s reaction when God rejected each and all of Jesse’s sons until, as the last resort, Jesse pointed Samuel to his youngest son, David a shepherd tending the sheep. The story about the life of David is rich in meaning for the nation of Israel and for every person who gives his or her life to Jesus Christ. (For deeper reading: 1 & 2 Samuel.)

While it is fun to imagine a “superman” figure, human beings, even the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and so on, with all their powers cannot know the depth of the human heart; only God can. This understanding may feel like a double-edged sword. Humans often lack words to express our love for God, so we hope He knows our heart. On the other hand, God even knows the intentions of the heart. The prophet, Jeremiah reminds us, that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9, NKJV). Good news! Jesus lived, died, and rose from the grave and has overcome the human broken heart. Thank You, Jesus; You are my everlasting and eternal Hero. There is no one like You in all the earth. I give You praise and worship with a heart of thanksgiving. Amen.