Springtime has come after what seems like a very long winter. Depending on where you live, the months of March and April have brought lots of rain and snow. In Virginia, daffodils peaked their bright yellow heads through several inches of snow a couple of weeks ago, and now the weather forecast is possibly more snow this weekend.

As I meandered down my driveway on a recent walk, the blossoms on the trees filled the air with sweet fragrance. In my mind I thought, “I really hate the idea of another snowfall this late into the season.” Then, as quickly as the words traveled through my head, God gently and lovingly reminded me that grumbling does not serve anyone well. When the subject is out of our control, and in His hands alone, He desires we trust instead of complaining. Immediately, I confessed my head and heart were not in the right place and thanked my heavenly Father for whatever might come down through the clouds, be it rain, snow or brilliant sunshine!

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery they had suffered at the hands of the Egyptians for over four-hundred years, the people complained (a lot!) because once freed, they had to trust God to provide for their needs. But, as human nature has it, “wants” overruled “needs” and denied wants became disappointments. Time and again, the Israelites put God’s patience to the test with their complaining.

You and I face challenges every day over which we have no control. The question is, do we fully trust God with the outcome? Do we believe He is good and loves us and desires the very best for us? On the heels of Easter, take time with me to thank Jesus for submitting His will to The Father even when it cost Him great pain and ultimately His life. Obediently, He went to the cross. With every drop of His blood, Jesus believed we were worth the price!

Sherry Sharp