“Wine” Tasting

Our family was dining at a very nice resort restaurant to celebrate a special occasion. As we looked over the menu for the Saturday brunch, the server pointed us to the wine list. We were in a part of the country where vineyards are plentiful, so those who had interest perused the selection. One in our party called everyone’s attention to a bottle of wine that was selling for $14,000. No, I did not make a mistake in the number of zeros.

“Huh?” I said. “Seriously?”

“Yep!” was the reply. “$14,000.”

“Wow. That must be some bottle of wine.” We all agreed.

After a good laugh, we also agreed that such a select wine would be wasted on us, since not one of us has a discerning taste for grapes. A Sommelier, on the other hand, is a person who specializes in different wines and who most likely could taste the difference between a multi-thousand-dollar bottle of wine and a bottle selling for $30.00.

How sad for the person with such finite taste buds, I thought to myself; they probably can never fully enjoy wine of lesser quality.

Then, the Scripture from Psalm 34:8 came to my mind. When you and I experience the love of God, through Jesus Christ, just like the wine expert, absolutely nothing else the world has to offer will or can satisfy our hunger and thirst for what is spiritually “good.” Unlike the expensive bottle of wine, however, what Jesus offers is free to anyone who asks.

Friend, as one who has “tasted” of the goodness of the LORD for the last forty years, nothing and no one compares. I invite you to do the “taste test” of Jesus; He is faithful and He will never disappoint you.

For deeper study, read John 2:1-12.