Why is social media so popular? Everyone I know has a cell phone, and most people keep it within arms reach twenty-four hours a day. Why? The short answer, I believe is we like knowing someone is thinking of us. The “ding” on our device sends a subliminal message that at the moment we matter.

We were created to be social and relational beings. Before the internet, communicating with others required patience. Handwritten letters could take weeks after mailing before getting to the recipient. Communication had to be intentional and thoughtful. Today, I still value notes and letters I receive through “snail mail” more than text messages and email because I know someone put forth a lot of effort to write it, and then to get it to me. In a drawer of my night table by my bed, I keep cards and letters given to me over the years by my husband, Richard. Because he is no longer with me in this world, his thoughts touch my heart deeply when I read them over again. Having them to remind me of his love is a treasure.

Think about the Bible which is overflowing with love letters to us from our Creator. After centuries of wars and the deliberate attempt to destroy it, God’s Word has endured. Every day, you and I can open one of His letters and read His thoughts concerning us. Scripture says God’s thoughts for us “outnumber the grains of sand.” Walking the sandy beach this summer gives perspective to this amazing truth.

You are important to God, and so am I. He longs for us to know that He’s thinking about us. Can you imagine that?