The watch I wear on my wrist reminds me that time moves in concert with all of the other stars and planets which God has set into motion. No human can stop it, slow it down or speed it up. Having a knowledge of a twenty-four-hour timeframe helps us plan our day and in the larger picture, our lives.

When I was a child, waiting for birthdays and Christmas to arrive made the clock feel as though it was ticking at a snail’s pace. But, the rhythm of the minute hand continued to move at the same rate it always has. It was just that at such a young age, I had little experience with time and the life experiences that come with age, which place demands on our time.

I am much older now, and it seems my wish from youth for time to move more quickly has not only come to pass but has exceeded my desire. How can my perception be at such extreme places on the spectrum of time when, in fact, it remains the same as always? Perhaps the answer is not so complicated to figure out.

It has been said; time flies when you’re having fun. It has also been suggested that the more we have of something, the less we appreciate it. As children, we cannot possibly conceive of time ever running out. From the perspective of a ten-year-old, the idea of twenty years down the road seems like an eternity. After all, it is twice the age they have already lived. The word, exponential comes to mind, which has to do with an actual growing of “something,” and mathematically, increasing at a more rapid pace over time. With more years behind me than before me, it makes sense to feel that time is moving faster. The emotional “clock” I hear ticking in my head and heart tells me every day is precious and that I must not waste a single one.

How reassuring it is to know God is not limited to time and space. As the creator of both, He has no need and can move outside of any restrictive element. When Jesus walked the earth, He bore witness to this truth. In the Book of John, chapter 11, when Mary and Martha, sisters of Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, sent word that their brother was very sick, Jesus did not become frantic and rush to be with him. Instead, he lingered where he was for two more days. When he finally arrived, Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days. According to the twenty-four-hour timeframe, Jesus was late, too late to save Lazarus. But, with only the spoken command of Jesus, time “flew out the window” and Jesus defied not only time but also death and Lazarus walked out of his grave!

What a beautiful story and what a powerful promise for you and me as we put our faith in Jesus Christ, The One Who is not limited by creation but rather controls it. Whatever challenges you and I may face today or tomorrow and put pressure on our schedule, Scripture tells us that one day, time as we understand it will run out. “Everything will be destroyed…But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.” 2 Peter 3:11 & 13, NIV.