The Impossible

Your back is against the wall. Every possible solution has been calculated, and there seems to be no way out. Then, like a candle in the darkness, God’s light illuminates the path. It was there all along. The human effort had blocked the brilliance through which the light could shine.

A close friend once asked me to do something publicly that I knew would conflict with my Christian values. By refusing, I knew there was the danger of appearing sanctimonious to those who do not share the same values. I tried everything I could—including stalling—but my friend kept pressing.

Crawling into bed late one night, I asked the Lord to show me how He would resolve the dilemma. Opening my eyes the next morning, I knew the answer as if were written on the wall of my mind. Nothing had ever been so clear. God not only supplied what I needed, but He also provided a way for my friend to feel completely affirmed. As Jesus promised, God gave me the words to say and the wisdom to respond.

Watching God in action is nothing short of a miracle. This is not to say everything on our wish list will be granted in the process, but our heavenly Father loves knocking our proverbial socks off when it comes to doing what we perceive as the impossible. We recognize His handiwork when nothing else makes sense.

If you find yourself in the valley of no-way-out, stop struggling and start praying. Our Father knows all of the exits, and, for His glory, He will show them to you.