Taste and See

I know that it is a bad habit, but I love salt. Confession is, the first thing before even taking a bite of food, I give the salt a shake over the entire plate of food. Okay, now you know just one of the many bad habits about me, unless you know me well, and then…you get my point. Sometimes, I have been in a restaurant eating and though I shake and shake the salt container, the flavor does not change. When this happens, likely the salt is old and has lost its ability to do the job it was intended for it to do. The thing about salt is, it cannot be made salty again. Therefore, the “salt” is useless.

Likewise, who doesn’t appreciate the light? If you have ever stubbed your toe stumbling about at night in the dark, then you get it. My bed is close to where the office printer is located and the “on light” is a tiny barely noticeable speck until nighttime when it is dark and all the other light in the room has been turned off. Then, that speck of light annoys me, so I cover it with a sticky note.

The current culture is trying desperately to create a homogeneous society; in other words, everyone does what he or she wants without any repercussion of accountability, or noticeability. Every life choice one makes is expected to be blended into the “mix” unnoticed as if it is one of the natural ingredients of God’s created works. The same is true of being a light in the world. In the nighttime, the reason that little “on light” on my printer is so annoying is because the darkness is great and only accentuates what it cannot dissipate. Although God created the earth to be beautiful in the light, darkness is trying to prevail because evil is otherwise swallowed up in the light. When you and I have Jesus living inside our hearts, He wants us to be different than the culture around us. Why? Because then, others will notice and “glorify your Father in heaven.”

Friend, will you join me in sprinkling the salt of the love of Jesus Christ wherever He has you in the world? And, go on and be that annoying light, because the darkness cannot overtake it!