Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, everywhere I look I see color in abundance. Fall is honestly my favorite season of the year. Of course, every season is filled with the beauty of God’s creation but autumn ushers in the most vivid scenery. The air is crisp with just a hint of the changing weather. When I walk outside, I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, trying to guess the different fragrances delighting my olfactory system. Looking up into the sky, the blue seems almost glass-like, as though if I stare long enough, I might be able to see the stars beyond the earth atmosphere.

In stark contrast to the lovely fall climate, I fear is the current social “climate” with its’ noises of negativity constantly bombarding our senses. The color of the words we read, speak and write is often lifeless, bleak and having an odorous smell that leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. How is it we find ourselves in this atmosphere of such divisiveness? Don’t we know that our words have the power of both life and death?

When I become bogged down by the ever-pressing messaging around me each day, I want to be reminded to open my eyes to the wonders of God’s creation; to close my eyes and breathe in the sweet aroma of Jesus Christ. Then, in like manner to become the aroma of Jesus to the world around me. The choice is mine.

What about you? Will you join me in rejecting the urge to spread the unpleasant smell of division and seek instead to become the sweet fragrance of life?