When I was only a small child, my daddy would take me out into the ocean to enjoy getting splashed over and over by the salty spray. His teasing of lowering me down into the rushing waters resulted in giggles of delight. His six-foot stature far surpassed my little body as he held me securely in his strong and reliable arms. Every now and then, out of seemingly nowhere to me, a huge wave came rolling in. But, daddy, seeing the threat long before lifted me high above his shoulders, taking himself, the brunt force of the turbulent water. After the wave passed over, my daddy reassured me that he would never let me go!

I reflect on these wonderful memories today as the waters of uncertainty threaten to overtake humanity with the brunt-force of COVID-19, a virus coming at us out of seemingly nowhere. Time may reveal how, where and when the virus originated, and I am certain there will be plenty of blame to go around. However, regardless of the details, God was not caught off-guard. He saw it coming not weeks or months or even years ago; He saw the rouge virus coming this way centuries ago! Imagine, Almighty God knew that in 2020 the world would shut down as a human last resort effort in self-preservation.

Like most of you, I am quarantined in my house and have been for over ten days now. According to the experts who are keeping an eye on the situation and doing everything humanly possible to contain the virus, we have an uncertain timeline of when this will end. But, friend, be assured! The same Almighty God who saw this virus-wave coming has arms mighty enough to hold us until it passes.

Friend, stay well, and trust that your heavenly Daddy will never, ever let you go!