The month of September reminds us that the hurricane season is once again stirring up. Warmer water temperatures promise each year to deliver at least one or two greater than usual storms. The storms are themselves unpredictable, unstable and uncontrollable. Surely no one controls the weather except the Creator of all things.

While we cannot predict the weather conditions overall, you and I can prepare for not if but when they come. How do we do this? When we built our house on the shores of Delaware, because of the natural sandy conditions, we had to have pilings plunged deep into the bedrock for stability. Each piling is driven down at least twenty to twenty-five feet into the ground. Our house sits on over fifty pilings. In the twenty-three years our house has existed, it has weathered many storms. The sand dunes that sit in front of the house have been planted with grasses and other vegetation whose roots are intricate and go deep into the sand for added stability. Of course, after every big storm, such as a hurricane or a northeaster, we experience minor disturbances but with some clean up, everything is back to normal.

“Storms” will come into every person’s life at some point in time. Some of the storms may be harmless and just a little “windy” or “rainy,” causing some upset, but life goes on. Maybe you have to work through some relationship issues with a friend, family member or co-worker but in time, things settle down. Other storms that come into our lives are more threatening, such as lost employment, an illness or even death. We are battered and blown by the elements that more often than not are out of our control. What then? Well, as someone who has experienced some of the most challenging storms this world can blow our way, without Jesus Christ as my “bedrock,” my world would have come crashing down.

I am so thankful for Jesus! Friend, I encourage you to make sure that your stability rests in the Savior because storms will come sooner or later. The only questions is, will you be ready for them?