How many times do you find yourself in a situation where your thought process is interrupted by that still small voice, speaking from somewhere within your being? The voice seems to come out of nowhere, suddenly, like when you’re having a conversation on your phone and another call comes in. For a moment you become distracted while you look to see who is calling. You must decide which call takes priority.

I think, probably, we have all had the experience of the nagging “still small voice.” One way to recognize the voice is that it usually creates a conflict in whatever it is we are doing or thinking in the moment, and forces us to make a choice. We can either stop, listen and obey or just keep moving forward. Through the years, it has been my sense to pay attention instead of ignoring the interruption. An example is a night, as I was getting ready for bed, and suddenly I felt the urgency to go into my kitchen and check the stove. I had been cooking earlier but was certain everything was turned off. It was late, and I was so tired, but I put on my slippers and walked back into the kitchen. To my utter horror, one of the gas burners was still on! Now, you may be thinking; it’s likely that nothing would have happened; perhaps, but we’ll never know, will we?

After Jesus had left our world, He promised to send “the Spirit of truth.” The Holy Spirit is One of the Triune Godhead. Jesus told us, “he will guide you into all truth.” Guidance, inherently suggests the presence of someone in authority. Jesus also said that the Spirit “will convict the world….” Please do not confuse the word “convict” with condemn; there is a big difference! To condemn is to pass judgment already. To convict is to declare an offense. A personal conviction is a great leaning in a particular direction. In my relationship with God, there are times when I am convicted of wrongdoing. The wrongdoing may not be deliberate, but it doesn’t matter. I know that action on my part is required.

God is molding you and me into something beautiful and useful in the work of His kingdom. Let’s not be resistant but rather be malleable in His hands. Listen…do you hear His still small voice?

Sherry Sharp