The room was dimly lit when they rolled me in on the gurney. Fully conscious, I knew the process would not take long, but I would have to undergo anesthesia; nevertheless, it is something I always dread. As the nurses and doctor prepared, I glanced around the small room at all of the instruments that only added to my anxiety. Then, a bright pink sign on a cabinet door right in front of me caught my eye. It read, “Who are you going to call?”

I knew the message was meant for the medical staff should an emergency arise, but for me, like a neon sign blinking, the message was clear. “Sherry, do you trust Me? No matter what takes place in the next few moments, you are safely in My hands. Rest and enjoy My peace.”

Within seconds, my eyes closed and I felt at ease like never before.

Since I am here to tell you this story, obviously all went well as far as most of us equate “well” on this side of heaven. But, what if I had awakened to find myself actually in heaven? Would that have been so bad? I don’t think so! No doubt my family and friends would be stunned and saddened if this had been the case, but they know me well enough to believe I was right where I wanted to be ultimately, albeit a little early.

Friend, life in this world offers no guarantees except that we are only passing through. Jesus made it clear that “this is not our home.” Like going on a vacation, sometimes our plans don’t always work out the way we hoped. Glitches along the way cause challenges and inconveniences. But, oh how nice knowing that when it’s over, home is waiting for us.

As we anticipate celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, be reminded that through Him, our resurrection is a sure “thing.” When we close our eyes tonight if we wake up in heaven…Hallelujah!