He is probably the only One in the universe without a cell phone, Facebook page, email address, Wi-Fi or internet service. He doesn’t have a Twitter account or an electronic tablet. Yet, He is reachable anytime day or night; He hears even our most silent thoughts. He doesn’t need the satellite to find us to know where we are.

One of the frequent television commercials is an advertisement for a device that hangs around the neck and has a button that when pushed will connect you to an emergency operator. As my grandmother would probably say about such a thing, “what will they think of next?” According to the Scripture in the Book of Jeremiah, God had an instant messaging service in mind from the beginning of time, and we don’t have to push any buttons for it to be engaged. His system never drops a call or “goes down” when we need it most. No second party technician is required to reconnect us when we’ve been off the grid for a while, and there are no hidden fees with His service. Staying connected is entirely up to us because He is always “online” and available.

God’s services are all-inclusive. He has the answers to any question we might have and is ready to share them whenever we ask. To get His attention, you just say, “JESUS” and then ask anything you desire to have answered. He’ll never tell you, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the answer to that.” He knows everything!

To “sign up” for His service is quick and straightforward. There is only One Plan available. You can sign up anytime, but the sooner you do, you can begin to take advantage of the Best Deal on earth; with it automatically comes a bonus package of abundant joy and peace; no added cost. AND, you can include others and share the deal with them at any time.

Don’t put it off! Get your free and priceless subscription, TODAY.

You’ll be glad you did.