“Under no circumstances are you to leave the vehicle!” These are the stern words spoken by our guide as we left our tents heading for the bush. Botswana Africa is the most beautiful natural habitat I have ever seen in my life. When we left each morning on safari, I felt that humans are only guests in this vast land the animal kingdom calls home. Sometimes, I even felt a little intrusive when attempting to capture the “perfect” photograph as they were merely going about their typical day of playing, hunting, killing prey and eating. As long as we remained in our vehicle we also stayed safe; otherwise our presence might be perceived as a potential threat. Apparently, the wildlife has become so accustomed to seeing the safari carriers with passengers that we now appear as part of the landscape.

One late afternoon while in search of a leopard having been spotted by another group, we sat quietly and so still, waiting for our four-legged friend to show himself. We were within a few feet of his cave when a bee came into our vehicle, terrifying one of the passengers. Suddenly, our focus shifted to helping the bee victim stay calm for both their sake as well as the greater good. After a few minutes of taunting us, the bee flew away.

Isn’t this how life goes for us every day? Perhaps we don’t have a fear of being eaten by leopards or lions, but our enemy, Satan, does try to distract and somehow lure us out of the “shelter of [God’s] tabernacle,” which is His very presence. When challenges come our way, do we stay calm and focused on the promises of God’s Word, or do we panic and forget that Jesus will keep us “safe in his dwelling?”

The world can be a “jungle” with dangers, distractions, and annoyances everywhere. As we make our way through, if we put our trust in The One Who best knows the terrain, we will enjoy the “ride.” Then, at the end of the day, we can rest in the knowledge that we will arrive safely home.