Can you believe it? It is that time of year, again, and the Christmas shopping list seems to get longer each year! For some reason, the whole holiday season has crept up on me, and although Thanksgiving was later this year, I wonder where the fall disappeared?

Maybe you can relate to my dilemma? If so, we all have some really good news, according to God’s Word. The Scripture in Psalm 51 has been a favorite of mine for many years. While you and I may fret over our Christmas list, God tells us plainly that what he desires cannot be bought in a store or online. He does not want, nor does he desire anyone to “do” exercises of self-sacrificing to appease him. Our gracious and loving Lord needs absolutely nothing from you or me, except, “a broken and contrite heart.”

So, what exactly does this mean? In simplicity, it means that we tell God what he already knows about us; we are broken, and imperfect people, standing in the presence of a holy Savior. Jesus has already “purchased” the ultimate, eternal gift, that you and I cannot afford without him. Jesus Christ bought our salvation, purely and simply.

When we look at the nativities this Christmas season, and read the cards that come in the mail about the baby Jesus, I pray that you and I will take a moment to close our eyes and tell God that we have nothing to offer him except our heart and our love. I believe that each time he hears the fullness of our repentance and recognition of our deprivation of soul, the angels rejoice because God is delighted in our “gift.” Happy Advent Season, sweet friend!