She hangs in a prominent location in my house for all to see. The painting catches the eye of most visitors. Depicted in a beautiful frame is the scene of a large rock sticking out of turbulent seas in the midst of a storm. Upon the rock stands a woman, with her hair tossing in the wind, her clothes are tattered and torn, fisted hands outstretched by her side and bare feet planted solidly; her back turned as she determinedly faces the elements.

The picture, for me, is more than a piece of art. It is a thought-provoking message. Every time I look at the profound portrayal, my mind begins to relate in ways that are more personal. Some days resemble the conditions conveyed in the artwork. Living through “storms” of the sickness and death of my husband a few years back, times of strained relationships, and the beating challenges associated with the natural process of aging, sometimes threaten my resolve to remain steadfast.

In the far off distance in the story of the picture, I imagine the sun is shining behind the clouds. But on trying days, I sometimes wonder, “will it ever shine again? Can I be like the woman on the rock, determined and trusting God?” These and other questions swirl around in my head just like the wind swirling in the picture. Every day, my faith, and the peace of God’s promise get tested in ways I could never have imagined.

When the phrase, “for the LORD” written by Isaiah appears twice, it is not a mistake, because it is the LORD Who keeps us steadfast. Knowing Jesus is the Rock upon which I stand during all seasons and weather, and that it is He Who sustains me.

In Jesus Christ, you and I can and will triumph through the storms of life!

Sherry Sharp