One thing I think every human being craves is having a time of rest and relaxation; we even have a well-known term for it called “R & R.” The funny thing is, when we are commanded to enjoy a time of rest, we do not like it! Think about it for a moment. Ever since Covid-19 invaded our lives, the “powers that be” have created the scenario where we have no choice but to “social distance” and in most cases, stay home. No, this is not a writing to pontificate politically; there is not enough space here, nor is this the right platform for such a message. The point I hope to address is how we have been given an opportunity to discover new ways to “Be still.”

I have probably shared with you in past writings that I am an introvert by God’s design. I say by His design because I do not know how this would happen, otherwise. Being alone does not make me lonely; it energizes me. Perhaps this is easy for me, because I have people in my life who love me and who I know would welcome me when I emerge from my quiet place. As an introvert, being in God’s presence is a reality every day, not just an activity I need to make happen. This may not be the case for everyone, I understand. So, my encouragement for you is that while we are told to remain more isolated from one another during the Covid-19 crisis, do not think of yourself as a victim of the wider government “shutdown.” Think of this time as a gift from God to rest, be still, and invite Him into your place of “isolation.”

As we continue our time of Advent, let us focus our thoughts on the Savior, Jesus, who longs to fill our spaces of loneliness, isolation, frustration, and uncertainty with His loving presence. We are never really alone; we only need to acknowledge the One who offers His peace no matter what is happening in our world. After all, He is the “Prince of Peace!”

Let me suggest you think of someone you have not seen in a while and write them a note, actually using pen and paper (smiling!). Encourage them by letting them know you are thinking of them and praying for them. In return, I pray you will receive the same encouragement from someone who loves you.