I am no “pollyanna!” How could I be after caring for my husband and best friend, who ultimately lost his life to younger-onset Alzheimer’s Disease? My only children, two daughters, are both cancer survivors. These challenges are only the ones at the very top of my list, which is much longer like many of you. So, with all that is happening in our world today, how can I suggest “love” as the solution to our problems? First of all, God does not “suggest” we love one another, He “commands” it. The consequence, should we choose to disobey His command is simple, though powerfully stated: “you will be destroyed by each other.” Is our current atmosphere of senseless crime the result of such a choice?

With the instant media coverage, it feels as though we hear more negative action than positive. The truth is, there is a lot of right taking place on earth at this time as well as wrong. The contrast is stark; natural disasters bring much needed resources as well as helpers; crime scenes expose heroes as well as evildoers. As stated in my previous writing, “light always cancels out darkness.” God will not be outdone or undone by Satan or his minions.

One of my favorite forms of exercise is participating in team activities that can be either mind challenging or of physical prowess. The reason I enjoy team challenges is because to do well requires cooperation with others who share a common goal which is to win. Team members work together not against one another. When one succeeds, ALL succeed! Friend, you and I may never meet in person, but I hope we are on the same “team” with the Lord Jesus as our Coach. He knows every play and every pitfall. In the huddle, He tells the winning strategy. “Love.”

Now, don’t be distracted by all of the noise. Get out there and bring it home!