Reading Between the Lines

“Writers are quirky people.” This I was told when attending my first writers conference a few years back. While I was surprised that quirkiness is an “epidemic” among writers in general, a dear friend had already identified this as one of my personality traits during one of his visits to my home; by the end of this writing, you will probably agree with my friend.

Before I understood that God instills within each one of us a leaning toward either “logic” or “creative” thinking, I knew which of these traits came more naturally to me. In the classroom, while everyone else focused on the lesson at hand, I was the student reprimanded for daydreaming out the window. Little did I know that with a little “harnessing,” something positive might come of my daydreaming. For example, I see biblical analogies when reading headlines and billboards.

Okay, now that I have made my confession, on to the point.

The following headline comes from a magazine ad: “Blueprint basics—Knowing how to read plans makes the building process easier.” When reading this, my mind went immediately to the Bible passage from 2 Timothy. Isn’t this true about the “blueprint” of God’s Word? I thought to myself. If we study and learn how to read Scripture as God’s way of building us into the people He wants us to be, doesn’t it make the process easier?

The Bible is rich with instruction to make us strong in character, loving in how we treat others, and wisdom in leaving the world a better place for having been here. I pray that you and I will take the time to open God’s Word and build upon His solid foundation.