Do people know you by your name or some other characteristic? At a recent breakfast where I knew very few people, the first thing I did is introduce myself, and others responded likewise. While, you may be someone who never forgets a name, remembering names is hard for me, especially when meeting many new people all at one time. Strangely, I will recall other attributes about someone. Were they tall, short, dark or light hair? Did they have a unique mannerism such as a distinct way of laughing or maybe didn’t smile at all? Why names are hard to remember, I haven’t a clue!

In the Bible, names are meaningful. For example, Sarah overheard God’s messenger tell her husband, Abraham that she would give birth to a son. Being in her nineties, Sarah did what any ninety-year-old woman would do; she laughed at such an absurd proclamation. So, when the time came, and their baby was born, they named him Isaac, which means, “to laugh.” Names were also given prophetically, with the intention of one growing into the meaning. Jedidiah, the name given to Solomon by God, means “loved by the LORD.”

God came to Moses in the burning bush and commanded him to speak to the Israelites about His plan to free them from slavery. Not being acquainted with God, (much less a talking burning bush!) Moses essentially asks, “who are you?” And, God said, “I AM WHO I AM.” Not to be confused with the writings of Dr. Seuss, God’s Name is powerful, prophetic and permanent. “I AM,” attributes include, faithful, forever, forgiving, the beginning and the end, loving, kind and full of grace. These are just to name a few of God’s characteristics reflected in His Name. The list is endless!

Who is “I AM” to you?

Sherry Sharp