Physicians Advice

Every year around the same time, I go to my doctor and get a physical (I hope you do too!). A few weeks following the examination, the doctor meets with me to go over my lab reports and the results of the diagnostics. One of the reasons I chose my doctor is because of his stellar reputation both as a physician and as a compassionate person; He has not let me down. Sometimes I have had to call him after office hours and he answers my questions and concerns, and when necessary, he prescribes medication to help me feel better and get well. This process does not always produce immediate results and when no effect to help the problem happens after a reasonable timeframe, the doctor suggests another path but usually, this takes time. In the meantime, I trust he has my best interest in mind, so I try to be patient.

Someone very dear to me recently told me that she has been praying over some difficult circumstances happening in her life and that of her family but because God did not seem to be doing anything to change things, she is not sure God hears her plea. How many times do you and I take our cares to God with the idea that we already know what the best outcome should be, therefore if things do not go our way, then we assume God is either not listening or does not care?

Just like when we trust our doctor when we’re sick, “We [can] know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Sometimes in the physical world, healing takes time; the same thing is true, as God works things out in our lives both here on earth and in heaven. Maybe we won’t even see the results until we get to heaven. In the physical world, you can always seek a second opinion; with God, there is no one higher, wiser, better, smarter, or more reliable! God is never late with his promises. He just might not be early.