Persistence Not Perfection

Several years ago, my then very young grandson came to me to confess he had broken something in my house. With tears and sobs, he said he was sorry. Of course, my grandmother heart began swirling in many emotional directions. Firstly, I was sad to see him so distraught; secondly, seeing his sweet little repentant demeanor touched me beyond measure. Not once was there any concern from me about the item broken, only this little “man” sitting before me who I loved more than life itself.

When we approach the throne of God broken over our sins and misgivings, I think we are afraid He waits, ready to punish us, when in reality He looks beyond our offense into the heart of repentance. The tender mercy of God through His Son, Jesus, meets us right where we are with love. Make no mistake. God is a just God, but His love toward His children forgives our greatest offenses when we come to Him in true repentance.

Even after coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we are still sinners no matter how hard we try not to be. Paul told his protégé, Timothy, “Fight the good fight of faith…” Every day presents people with challenges, and all we can do is “fight” to do our best, trusting God for the rest. God has given His Word as the “weapon” of choice with which to fight the battles with sin. His Word is tried and true. As we approach our heavenly Father in confession of our struggles, He waits, not with a whip but with a love so deep and wide, that His Son, Jesus gave His life that we should gain eternal life through Him.