“A state of tranquility or quiet. Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.” This is how Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the meaning of “peace.” Please reread the definition and ask yourself if the purpose fits your current state of mind. Friend, most of us, this time of year, mainly, exists in a state of chaos; shopping, decorating, and events galore, all in addition to the rest of life that does not stop out of respect for the Christmas season. Can peace indeed be present in such crazy times?

Okay, one more time; go back and reread the definition of the meaning for peace. I hope you see that peace is not contingent upon our circumstances. Chaos follows most of us around like our shadow, the most reliable “companion” on earth! While our life circumstances often find us, our “thoughts and emotions” are not outside of our control.

God intentionally left his home in heaven and entered our realm of chaos and turmoil so that we could know and experience his peace. And, he came, not as a mighty warrior but as a vulnerable baby in total need of care. Jesus put himself in the hands of his created beings, knowing full well what his earthly future held: death. Nevertheless, he brought with him the gift of peace that is ours if we choose to have it.

Obviously, at this time of year, I miss my husband, Richard, who made my world complete through his love. Without him, that world is shattered; one empty chair at my table, one less gift under my tree, and emotional chaos that never goes away. But I believe with all of my heart, that as the angels delivered the message of “peace on earth” into a world of disorder over two thousand years ago, their news is just as relevant for us today. I pray that you will experience God’s peace in your world, no matter the circumstances.